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Rats and other animals will, if left alone, destroy the insulation, vapor barrier and wiring in a crawl space or attic. Rats and other rodents quickly soil insulation and chew on vapor barriers when they make themselves at home under your home. The resulting smell from urine and dead rodents is often just the first indicator of the damage being done.

First Things First!

Stop the ongoing damage before you consider doing repairs.

Do not put out Rat Poison!

Crawl Space Portland offers a variety of crawl space products, and moisture control solutions.

The purpose of a vapor barrier is to lower the humidity in the crawl space and thus, the entire home. In theory, water vapor that rises up from the ground will condense against the underside of the plastic barrier, and hopefully, prevent this moisture from getting into the air that eventually ends up in your living area. Obviously, site preparation, and workmanship are both critical to the effectiveness of any moisture barrier.

Each home has different needs when deciding on vapor barriers. The thickness of the barrier and where it is placed can make a big difference in the livability of your home. In some instances, the commonly used six mill plastic sheeting is adequate.

In situations with excess moisture entering the crawl space, occupants with allergic or breathing problems will be much more comfortable if the crawl space is sealed up to restrict outside air entry.