Rodent Solution Process

Rodent Solution Process, or What do I need to do First?

1. Go to Do I Have a Rat Problem? to learn more about the Portland and Seattle Rodent Problems.

 You need to get an over view of the common conditions that cause rodent invasions in Portland. Pay particular attention to the parts that describe the smooth holes in your lawn with no dirt around them. These unusual holes will alert you to sewer damage and rat problem, at your house or your neighbors.

2, Don’t delay another day. Call and schedule a complete evaluation. You need the facts to proceed. Crawlspace Portland will take photos of everything you should be concerned about, below your floors, or in the attic. We will point out things that you can do, as well as give you a bid on no poison rat exclusion.

3. Clear things away from your crawl space access. This is obvious, and yet many of our clients forget to do this before we visit.

4. Be prepared to answer some questions about what you have seen and heard. It is important for us to know when any noises are heard and the location. You will be asked to describe the noise. Pictures of your concerns and any suspected damages to your property are helpful. We would like to know some things about your neighbors, such as if they feed birds or animals, and where they do it. Have the neighbors been battling rodents also? Have any large trees been cut down recently near your house, and what kind were they? Are there any chicken coops near by? Our Good Neighbor Rat Contraceptive system may be appropriate in this situation.

5. Review the inspection report along with the accompanying pictures. This is when you decide on what should be done first. This is also when you may want to discuss any other conditions that we may have uncovered.

6. Schedule the no poison bait rodent elimination. We perform what we call a rodent exclusion. Crawl Space Portland will find and repair all rodent entry points and trap out the remaining rodents. We should do this before  starting on the clean up and damage repairs. You will notice that we never resort to  poison baits. We will not use them. We rely on Thirty years of experience and great detective skills, to lock out the rodents permanently.

7. Schedule the cleanup process. You can schedule to get things cleaned up and repaired, once we are sure that the rodents will not return to do fresh damage. We drape and cover surfaces and can also manage air flow from your crawlspace, to avoid any further contamination of your living area during the clean out. 

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