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How are the Rodents getting in?

In Portland, rat infestations and other animal problems in your crawl space can originate on your roof, your sewer line, crawl space vents, and sometimes because your garage door doesn’t fit. If your furnace is in your garage and the door isn’t tight and well fitting, rodents can go right into your crawl space.

Rats, mice, rodents, cats and other visitors to crawl spaces do a lot of damage. The most visible rodent damage is to the insulation. Cats will use a crawl space for a litter box. Opossums will nest there, and we have seen raccoons in North Portland using a crawlspace as a private place to mate. Damage occurs on wiring, plastic pipes, your heating system, and everything in your garage and attic. Heads up: mice love ski boots. Rats and mice jump up to the sub floor insulation and create nests to raise their young. The accumulated urine and feces in these rodent nests destroys the insulation and should raise health concerns for people who may come in contact with this material. The source of the musty odor in many houses is usually found in the crawlspace.

Crawl space vent damage

Crawl space vent damage.

Randy points to Rat food and Rat hole beneath

Bird feeder too close to house.

Rodent entry

Rodent entry at garage door.

Rodent Removal and Extermination Service

Why spend good money on cleaning up a rodent mess that will occur again in a short while if the rats and mice are not completely excluded?

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