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This really stinks! After Rats and mice have lived in your crawl space or attic, the existing insulation is often damaged in several ways and usually needs to be replaced. Insulation relies on air spaces to slow the transfer of heat. Blown in and batt insulation systems become worse than useless when they are compressed or become wet.

Rat Nest in Crawl Space Insulation

Smelly Rat Nest in Crawl Space Insulation

Compressed and useless insulation soiled by rodents.

Compressed insulation soiled by rodents has little insulating value.


Insulation Damage From Rodent Nest Building

Squirrels, Roof rats, Norway rats, and mice all prefer insulation for their nesting material. They compress and soil insulation when they run across or play on it. This rodent behavior dramatically lowers the insulation’s ‘R’ value or insulating effect. Rat and mouse droppings and urine deposited on insulation in a crawl space not only lowers the insulating value, but becomes a concentrated source of odors in the living areas, and possible diseases.

Crawl Space Portland finds that it is best to remove and replace this damaged insulation after locking the animals out permanently. Our purpose is to restore the insulating values and remove the sources of smells and mold that come into the living areas.

Our clients notice an immediate reduction in their allergy symptoms after removing this rat and mouse damaged insulation.

Of course, replacing this damaged insulation will not do much good for long if the rodents are allowed to return to the crawl space. Crawl Space Portland’s specialty is totally and permanently excluding rats and mice from your home and crawl space, without using poison baits