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Is this your weak point? Garage doors are an overlooked weak point when trying to keep rats and mice out of your home. We find that the seals on the bottom and sides of garage doors have been inadequate or just plain ‘chewed through’ by the rats and mice.

Crawl Space Portland usually finds that a furnace installed in the garage has gaps around the sheet metal ducting and these gaps give rats and mice an access to the crawl space, and the rest of the structure. To make matters worse, many folks store various seeds, bulbs, pet foods, and dry goods in their garages. This abundance of rodent food in the garage leads to a rat and mouse population explosion in the crawl space, as well as the garage and living areas.

We can install a special rodent proof garage door seal that eliminates this major entry point for rats and mice. This garage door seal is a vital part of excluding the rodents from your crawl space and home.

Typical suburban garage door

Typical  garage door.

Closed garage door

Rat and mouse entry

Old chewed garage door seal

Chewed garage door seal.

New garage door seal

New garage door seal.

Crawl space clean outs and remediation often are made necessary by rat and mouse damage to the insulation, wiring, ducting, and the vapor barrier.

We conduct a very thorough inspection when estimating and performing rat and mouse exclusion services. We believe that it is futile for most homeowners to use poison baits. Using poison bait products will lead to dead rodents in your crawl space walls or attic, with the accompanying dead animal smells. We believe that the most important part of solving a rat and mouse problem is to keep them out of your crawl space. We make sure that rodents can never return after we have removed and replaced the damaged vapor barrier and insulation.

Crawl Space Portland does not use poison bait when performing extermination services for rodents. Our 27-year-old company relies on great detective skills, and a good knowledge of local Portland construction techniques to deny rodents any access to a structure, and to have no access to your home.


Rodent damage


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