Home owners and service personnel need to take precautions when entering a crawl space. Prepare the entry area for your exit with floor coverings to keep you from tracking anything into your living area.

There are a lot of harmful things floating around in the average crawl space in Portland, Oregon. There are quite a few dust borne diseases as well as fiber glass insulation particles that are disturbed into the air when you move around in these confined spaces. In older homes we find lead paint dust and asbestos dust to be common in attics as well as crawl spaces. A dust mask rated at N 95 or better is highly recommended. If you have a lot of facial hair, you need to use a half face mask that fits well. Use goggles to keep this dust out of your eyes.

Use knee pads and leather gloves large enough to go over latex or nitrile gloves. You really do not know what you might find under the plastic vapor barrier. We routinely encounter sharp rocks, broken glass, boards with nails, used syringes, animal carcasses, human waste from leaking pipes, toxic mold, animal droppings, bare electrical wires, narcotic stashes and money.

You will appreciate having a very bright LED flashlight. Take your cell phone with you for emergencies, and pictures of conditions you might want to ask us about.

A thick hat or better yet, a nail proof bump cap will prevent the head injuries that are common in a crawl space.

For crawl space inspections or cleanings you’re better to call a professional. Our technicians carry this Medical Alert Card with them.

CDC Card

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